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Happy 2010 everyone! Here comes the obligatory 2010 post!

So, my review of 2009. What a year of highs and lows. I'm just going to list a bunch of stuff I did:

I was working in the Tesco call centre at the start of 09, frustrated about not knowing what to do about my photography.
I was fired from the centre 6 weeks earlier than predicted due to their being no work, so temps got the boot.
I went to France on a skiing holiday with Malcolm and a load of his family. Despite being fairly ill and having an abcess the size of a golf ball in my mouth, I loved skiing and would love to go back.
I was unemployed for a few months and working with a business partner wasn't proving very lucrative. I had no money for most of the year.
I went back to the call centre again but after 6 weeks I couldn't handle the routine so I quit and promised to try harder with photography.
In June, Malcolm and I got another kitten, Korben, who is just the cutest cuddliest cat ever, in fact he is sitting on my lap right now, staring up at me!
I had a tooth out for the first time, which was an icky experience.
I stopped working with the business partner and registered myself as a sole trader. Haven't looked back since!
I re-did my website and worked hard on networking with businesses, which led to me becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
I worked with a lot of models which was great!
I converted the spare room into a permanent studio, complete with linoleum flooring!
Something weird happened later on in the year, around September time - I got really busy. Somehow people were just finding me, for booking weddings, family portraits, model portfolios, business events... I continued to be busy right up until Xmas, which made those months the best of the year!
My best friends Dad died from a stroke :(
I buyed lots of shiny things!
Due to being busy with photography, 09 was the first year in 6 years where I haven't had some kind of Xmas temp job and it was great. I was able to buy my family some relatively decent presents this year, which meant a lot to me.

Last but definitely not least, I got engaged to the most incredible man I have ever met on Xmas Eve. I could write a book detailing the love and gratitude I feel towards Malcolm for everything he has done for me in 09 but it would never convey how I feel. I hate to be a smug git but 09 was a very testing year and Malcolm was always supportive and encouraging. There were more than a few times I was so upset with frustration and stress, he always knew what to say, and it wasn't always what I wanted to hear but it was the truth, nothing less.
The gratitude I have for my friends and family for getting me through the tough times is immense. I want to thank you all for just being there!

In 2010 I want to really go crazy with my work. I am learning to drive very soon, as soon as I get my provisional back. I feel that learning to drive will open a lot of doors for me in terms of work. I'm not sure if a studio will be on the cards this year - the magpie in me would like a commercial property full of shiny things, but another voice tells me that I don't NEED a studio. Time will tell! Learning to drive is more important than having the studio.
I want to go on holiday, possibly to Italy with Malcolm, and I also want to visit Cat and Tom in London!
No more cats. 2 cats = enough!
I just want to keep learning and taking more photos. :) I'm so in love with doing photography and I'm finally at a stage where I am comfortable with what I do, the nerves no longer kick the hell out of me. I've been learning when to be flexible and when to put my foot down, but I've still got loads of learning ahead of me. I don't want to just be comfortable, so this year I'm resolving to really improve my work and learn more techniques for lighting and editing.

Anyway enough blethering, I need breakfast!

Thinking about having a wee engagement celebration thing on the 4th of Jan, most likely at the chinese buffet place at City Quay. You coming? :D

Happy 2010 everyone! x

Update time!

Well well, I haven't updated properly for ages, so here goes nothing:

Work - I'm working at the Tesco call centre again for the next 10 weeks in a temporary position. It's a promotion Tesco are running at the moment, and it will be the easiest job in the world, however this means it has the potential to get really old, really fast. Still, reliable income! I've been training so far, but from tomorrow my shifts will be 8am-2pm Monday to Friday.

Photo things - Photo things have been consisting mostly of edits as I've been busy with work. It's probably about time I took a week or so out of shooting to catch up on edits. I have been working with some new models, who have been great! I also applied to do HNC Photography at Dundee College, so shall see how I feel when August rolls around. Still not sure if I should spend another year studying, however I'm hoping that the course will not just be useful for gaining a qualification in photography, but for networking and looking at approaching things differently. I'm still not sure, so we shall wait and see on that one. Been offered a place though so that's good.

Games - My sim in Sims 3 had triplets today. Oh god! I'm too scared to go back and play it because I'm responsible for a small army of baby girls. I was playing Silent Hill Homecoming for a while, need to pick it up again. Also downloaded Sonic 3 on XBL, which is a direct port, looking terrible on a high-def telly.

Cats - After much talking about it, Malc and I started thinking about getting another kitty. My friend Alana from Newtyle was looking for homes for the yet-unborn kittens, and I said I would possibly be interested. Anyway, last Friday she called me and said that although the kittens were just hitting 7 weeks old, they were eating proper cat food, usng the litter tray fine, and cleaning themselves properly, so would we like to pick him up a week early. Deciding that a friday would be best to get him as we are all off work over the weekend, Pete took us to pick him up. We named him Korben to match with Leeloo, any other name just wouldn't have been the same. Leeloo wasn't incredibly impressed, but was a bit curious about him. For the first 2 days she hissed and growled at him whenever they made eye contact, but now they love each other. In less than 5 days they have become quite used to each other, and now play together, sleep together, eat together and stuff! Its very cute to see them play together, and Leeloo even decided to give him a bath today! Korben himself is very good, and is going to grow up into a very cuddly cat - he just likes being as close to people as possible!

Corban 8

Teeth - I had a tooth out. If I haven't moaned about it to you already, I'll just let you know that the actual process of getting a tooth out is definitely the best part of the whole process. Sitting up for 2 days and nights spitting blood is not the fun part. I never understood how people could moan so much about getting teeth out. I mean some kids get it, don't they? Now however, toothless folk have my absolute sympathy. Bleh!

Kirkcaldy this weekend to celebrate upcoming birthdays. Other than that, I'm a working girl now, Jeeves!

Don't think there's anything else to mention, just letting you know I'm still alive ;)

Finally! A job!

I've got a temporary job for 3 months, Tesco Call Centre again, yay!!


Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
Associations by nomiwolf 

 - I started taking a lot of pictures on my compact camera to basically get me out of the house, and as an escape from my coursework. I discovered I actually liked taking photos more than doing my coursework, and eventually decided to give up web programming and do photography. I love taking photos, but lately I've been irritated at it not being a stable enough income for me to live on, and I don't know how to make it work :/

 - OMG I LOVE CATS!! For some reason, I just think cats are awesome. I know you get some mean ones, but generally I think they are beautiful creatures. People say cats are way too independent to be pets and don't show any affection, but I have to disagree with that one. I find cats to be ideal pets as they are affectionate and depend on you, but they can also be left to their own devices for more than 3 hours. I despise anyone who is cruel to animals, but people who are cruel to cats just freak me out.

3)Resident Evil
- LOL I've just come off playing Mercenaries on RE5 :p I've been into the series since the release of the first one in 1998. I was so lame, I'd draw my own maps and walkthroughs :/ Despite this, I've never played half of the games, such as Gun Survivors and the online one. FILTH, BILGE and CHILD POISON!! RE5 is one of the best games I've played since RE4, but then I would say that, wouldn't I? I've been playing RE5 so much, I actually had a dream that I left Malcolm for Albert Wesker. Couldn't have picked a good guy, oh no!

4)Hair dye
- One of these days, my hair is going to leave in protest! I had my hair dyed for the first time when I was about 13-14. I got little blonde (WTF?!) highlights in it. I had it dyed bright red when I was about 14-15 and have been dyeing it different colours ever since. Its currently a dark brown/almost black colour. I stopped updating people on my hair colour because it changes so often its hard to keep up. I like it red the best, but its so hard to keep, and looks terrible when left to fade. If I could genetically modify myself to have permanent red hair, I would :p

5)The little mermaid
- Bwaaaaah OmNomNomi why did you pick this?! I guess I like her hair because its long and red. Why is Under the Sea in japanese so funny?!

The End ^___________^

Web linkages!

Hi guys :D

I'm updating my links page on www.kirstylegg.co.uk and wondered if anyone wants to swap links? We all know that having your website link on other websites appeases the Google God, so there's no reason not to! Unless you don't have a website... That's a pretty good reason :)

I also just added some images, so if you are bored go and have a nosey.


Bridal Shoot

OMFG I have a bridal shoot to arrange for The Bride in Broughty Ferry! I am so freaking excited right now!!!

Looking forward to the stresses of getting models, getting a location, getting models fitted, getting a day when everyone is available at the same time, finding makeup and hair people, the weather being okay bwaaaaaaahhhh stress! Exciting though, I'm determined to do an amazing job this time :)

Hello :)

So Malc and I are a bit bored and wondered if anyone fancied coming over on Sunday just for a wee gathering and our usual banter I suppose. Anytime Sunday is cool, I know people work and stuff so it doesn't have to be late :)

We are also gonna start going swimming cause its getting sunny and Malc gets out of work at 4.30 so if anyone wants to start coming with us in the afternoons let me know :) I need to be more sociable!

I've been applying for a few wee jobs around town so hopefully I will hear back from places within the next few weeks. I'd love to get the job that's going in Topshop for some reason. It's probably dangerous for me to work in a clothes shop though.

We got Leeloo some catnip and a cat tunnel thing with holes in, which drive her mental, it's really cute!

I knew it...

I've had my emopants on all week, and as soon as I post about it, I feel better the next day and things start looking up again!

I've got an interview for a kilt hire place on Monday, so that's perked me up a bit, and I had some great feedback from a model who wants to do more stuff, and I have a few good potential shoots for shops coming up soon. Got a meeting with a bridal place today actually. I'm so glad I printed out my portfolio, printed work is soooo much nicer than just showing people stuff on a laptop.

Also got a corset I bought on Ebay for £2.96 today and it's very nice! A little out of shape but actually looks better than I thought it would :) Will post photos later. Think I might do myself up and do some self portraits cause I haven't done any for ages, but having difficulty coming up with a creative idea. Waiting on an A4 sheet of perspex arriving as I want to try a few things like making my own paint splatters and stuff.

Downside so far today is one of our dragon mugs smashed. It was sitting on the kitchen counter, but the ferocity of our rattling washing machine sent it wobbling to the edge :( RIP (literally, LOL) dragon mug!

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is my life :)

Looking for group? No wait...

I'm looking for a job. I'm sick of draining away Malcolm's hard-earned cash. I'm sick of the irregular income that comes with trying to do something you love for a living. I love wearing my emo pants. I hate writing business plans. WHAT DO ALL THESE BIG WORDS MEAN?!?!

I hate the dole people because they decided that as Malc and I are a co-habiting couple, he should be paying for my every whim. Gay.

On the plus side, Blackberries are awesome and Resident Evil 5 makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Leeloo Video

Couldn't resist filming her, she is such a spoon. Ignore our silly voices and TV :)

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